Skin Treatments
Wednesdays from 10am-6pm

Please call Cat at 203-668-8711 to schedule an appointment

The Vegan Facial
A one hour treatment
A Deep cleanse and brightening detox for thirsty skin.  This treatment includes a deep cleanse using our signature vegan facial products, followed by a coco exfoliant, a hydrating masque, an extraction session, face massage, steam and hot towel treatment for a warm and relaxing finish.


Anti-Aging Blu Berry Acai Special
A one hour treatment
Specializing treating scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, acne, and hydration issues. Using Blueberry, glycolic and salicylic acids, cranberry, kaolin clay and lactic acid to reach Antioxidant heaven!


The Calming Vita
A one hour treatment
This non abrasive facials aids in skin sensitivity, redness, pigmentation, fine lines, and dehydration.  Using green tea, aloe, Vitamin C, and lactic acid to aid in turning the skin from dry to hydrated and nourished

I Love Chocolate Facial
A one hour treatment
Strong antioxidants help fight free radical damage, pollution, and cell damage.  Bamboo fibers, cocoa, raspberry, and hibiscus petals recharge the skin and leave you supple, hydrated, and purified.

A 30 minute treatment
Micro crystals buffed into the skin for the ultimate detox for fine lines and hyper-pigmentation

30 Minutes Express
Receive a rejuvenating cleanse, light exfoliation, and masque at lunch time.  This efficient 30 minute Facial will make your skin glow from the inside, out!

Hour Facial

Blackhead Extraction
This can be an add on to any Facial service.  Have deep blackhead congestion alleviated with steam and manual extraction.
10 minute $18 | 20 minute $32

Facial Massage
This rhythmic face massage can be an add on to any facial service or a service alone.  Massage is important for blood circulation, keeping the face supple, good for de-stressing, detoxifying, lymph drainage, and relaxation.
15 minute $22 | 30 minute $45

SpaGirl Facetone
A half hour of repetitive skin toning and plumping with The Spa Girl Face Toner.   Masque and moisturizing included. This service will rejuvenate stressed skin, promote collagen, help elastin depletion, and give a gorgeous glow!

Chemical Peel





Under Arm

Full Arms

Half Arms

Full Legs

Half Legs


Chest & Tummy Combo

Full Back

Lower Back